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We are honoured to announce the third FIATS-M International Workshop: Future Internet Applications for Traffic Surveillance and Management, to be held in York, United Kingdom on the 25th-26th of April and organized by IICREST, the Interdisciplinary Institute for Collaboration and Research on Enterprise Systems and Technology.

The focus of the event is improving road traffic management in its broadest sense, addressing concerns including travel time, congestion, safety, and pollution. The event will discuss the design and development of traffic surveillance and management systems that go beyond the current state of the art and which can be made context-aware and service-oriented and which are capable of supporting both individual mobility and optimal network wide management. In order to stimulate strategic and focused presentations we have selected a theme for the FIATS-M'13 event, namely:


Consistent with this theme, the topics of interest for the workshop include, but are not limited to:
- technology-independent functionality models for road traffic systems
- business modeling for traffic service innovations
- service-oriented, autonomic, and context-aware solutions for road traffic management
- urban traffic management through personalized services
- user modeling for road management strategy
- road traffic monitoring and data quality issues
- IT infrastructures, sensor networks and data processing

On behalf of IICREST and the FIATS-M Community, we invite contributions for presentations from experts in the above areas.

Tom Jackson, Boris Shishkov, Tom Thomas
Co-Chairs of FIATS-M 2013

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